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Throwing the photographer into the deep end!

When a client asked for professional family photograph portraits of their four grandchildren, I asked them about the look of finished portraits they most wanted. The grandparents wanted the personalities of the children to shine through; of them being photographed in familiar surroundings, being themselves. I feel I made the brief :)

We agreed to shoot in the morning and I photographed the children inside the home and outside - in the pool.

So this is how I ended up in pool too. I had to get down to their level (in the water) to capture the next two images...

And then, in order to FREEEZE the water, I remained with camera, in the pool while one of the girls had a serious kicking fit; with great fun effect :)

So, when you take photographs, change the angles of your stance - be aware whether you're shooting from above, below, or at level.

Thanks kids - this was cool and great fun!


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